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  1. Julian Says:


    great work on the FLARToolkit!
    I wanted to try it, but i got one error in the src/org/libspark/flartoolkit/scene/FLARCamera3D.as
    class with the proerty _projection:
    this._projection = new Matrix3D(m_projection);
    this.eye.calculateMultiply4x4(this._projection, this.eye);

    the error says that the property _projection is not available.

    I am scripting in FDT 3 on Mac OSX 10.5.5

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Pablo Cabana Says:

    i´ve got the same error with the last revision!

  3. Pablo Cabana Says:

    The problem is on the PPV3D Camera3d core. Just set it to public. :)



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